Vikki's Corner

Vikki's Corner


Things every quilter should know about quilting .                                                                                                          

  Most fabric manufacturers recommend that you pre-wash your quilting fabric before you start your quilting project.  When you wash your fabric, it can cause it to shrink. Its best to use cold water and tumble dry on a low temperature.

To prevent your fabric from raveling when being washed, zigzag your cut ends first.  I also cut the corners of the fabric.

I like to iron all my fabric pieces with a spray sizing before cutting, it will help keep the fabric from stretching and distorting.  Using sizing instead of starch keeps the starch from building up on your iron.

Pressing your fabrics is very important.  You should set your seams before pressing them.  Setting the seam before pressing to its final location will prevent the stretching of your fabric.

Always press from the front of your fabrics.  You should try to always press toward the darker fabric if you can.  If you have opposing seams; they should be pressed in the opposite directions.